Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things worth sharing

I'm on a nearly complete Facebook fast for the ten days from Rosh Hashana through Yom Kippur.  I'm checking to see if I have messages, and will reply to them, and I also check to see if my name has been mentioned (via E-mail) but I'm not looking to see what others have posted.

So anyway, I feel that I've lost my outlet to share things worth sharing.  Maybe that is a good thing for the blog, because then I can share here...

I'm a long time fan of the NPR radio show, This American Life.  Other than the one show that had a segment on Israel, that I felt was inappropriate and inaccurate, I learn so much from the show.  Now I listen to it via  the Android App Podcast Addict on my phone (speakerphone in the car.)  The episode I listened to today was wonderful.  The theme was "back to school" but the story has such a wonderful twist to it!

Here it is:

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