Monday, March 14, 2005

Doing for Myself

Lately I can count the weeks where I don't leave our neighborhood. Since my job is right here, I go from home to childcare to work to childcare to home. Tonight I got out, and it was very refresshing.

I decided to start a "Stitch N Bitch" group for Jerusalem. There was one, but it is on hiatus, so I decided to fill a need. I didn't overly publicize it, but we held it at a new cafe, called "Cafe on the Rails." It is run by Akim which is a place for developmentally disabled young adults. This worked out well for two reasons: 1) They are new, so it isn't so busy (actually tonight it was very busy) and 2) They don't have the expectations of great turnover, so you can nurse one drink for the evening.

Well, only two other people showed up, (one to say she couldn't come) but it still was nice. I got to not talk about work related things, knit and just enjoy myself! I'm sure once I spend more time in publiczing it people will come.

Sometimes it is important to give time to oneself.