Thursday, August 04, 2005

The dividing line between FFB* and BT**

If you are looking for a nice but subtle way to determine if your friend/acquaintance was frum during the 70's-80's, just bring up the subject of Schoolhouse Rock.

Yes I see it in your eyes already. Either the blank stare of nothingness, or you've started humming "Conjunction Junction". Just watch the trailer, and you will see why you don't know it (or you will start to break into song if you do!) One of our recent grandparent visits brought the complete DVD of all songs, plus interviews and more. It is wonderful to watch them, and realize how educational and fun they can be.

Here is a site with some sound clips.

Definitely worth purchasing...and for all you FFB's that applies to you too.

*Frum From Birth (always religously observant)
**Baal Tshuva (became religously observant at an older age)>

Monday, August 01, 2005

This is the job I want

I haven't said much about my current job, because it is just okay....theoretically it could end at any time, and that isn't a good feeling. The good points about it are that it is very close to home, the hourly wage is reasonable, and I have lots of flexibility with my hours.

Yesterday I had an interview for the job I want. I won't say where (unless I get it), but this is someplace that I already have strong connections, and I know I would be comfortable there.

The interview was a bit weird, because I am friends with the people who work there, but they gave me a challenging task. I had to watch a 20 minute film in Hebrew, and write a summary and shot list in English. The video was about the 39 Melachot of Shabbat. (The 39 "tasks" that are forbidden to do on the Sabbath.) It was a very fast paced video...and when I hit the part about Slaughtering an Animal , I was a bit shocked to see a cow with blood spurting out of her neck! Ick!!! Luckily this was in black and white, but this was real!!!! I couldn't pretend it was chocolate syrup like Psycho.

Well, I hope this job comes through...even if I have to deal with some unpleasant films on occassion...