Monday, November 29, 2004

The words of Alon Pinkas

I'm a big fan of Alon Pinkas, the former consul-general to New York (with the exception of his comb-over). I think he was one of the best spokesmen for Israel that I have seen. There is an interesting article in the Jerusalem Post where he speaks about public relations and the US. Unfortunately I think he is right....the US Jewish community can't put the blame on Israel, but on the lack of education about Israel which has been given to the youth.

I know I wasn't prepared to deal with the "General Union of Palestinian Students" (GUPS) at UWM when I went to graduate school. I had just spent nearly two years in Israel, and still didn't have the answers I needed

(Nor was I ready for the map in the computer lab which showed the Mid-East with Israel not labeled (it kind of looked like it was part of Lebanon).
Come to think of it, how did I end up at a School of Library and Information Science which publishes this? Well it looks like it hasn't been published since 2001, so I guess progress has been made!

Any thoughts on what the American Jewish Community can do?