Monday, August 01, 2005

This is the job I want

I haven't said much about my current job, because it is just okay....theoretically it could end at any time, and that isn't a good feeling. The good points about it are that it is very close to home, the hourly wage is reasonable, and I have lots of flexibility with my hours.

Yesterday I had an interview for the job I want. I won't say where (unless I get it), but this is someplace that I already have strong connections, and I know I would be comfortable there.

The interview was a bit weird, because I am friends with the people who work there, but they gave me a challenging task. I had to watch a 20 minute film in Hebrew, and write a summary and shot list in English. The video was about the 39 Melachot of Shabbat. (The 39 "tasks" that are forbidden to do on the Sabbath.) It was a very fast paced video...and when I hit the part about Slaughtering an Animal , I was a bit shocked to see a cow with blood spurting out of her neck! Ick!!! Luckily this was in black and white, but this was real!!!! I couldn't pretend it was chocolate syrup like Psycho.

Well, I hope this job comes through...even if I have to deal with some unpleasant films on occassion...

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PsychoToddler said...

Sounds cool. Good luck.