Thursday, August 04, 2005

The dividing line between FFB* and BT**

If you are looking for a nice but subtle way to determine if your friend/acquaintance was frum during the 70's-80's, just bring up the subject of Schoolhouse Rock.

Yes I see it in your eyes already. Either the blank stare of nothingness, or you've started humming "Conjunction Junction". Just watch the trailer, and you will see why you don't know it (or you will start to break into song if you do!) One of our recent grandparent visits brought the complete DVD of all songs, plus interviews and more. It is wonderful to watch them, and realize how educational and fun they can be.

Here is a site with some sound clips.

Definitely worth purchasing...and for all you FFB's that applies to you too.

*Frum From Birth (always religously observant)
**Baal Tshuva (became religously observant at an older age)>


PsychoToddler said...

It's amazing how much more I learned from schoolhouse rock than from school.

Daphna said...

Walla--what a blast from the past! Just visited the sound clip site. Very cool....