Monday, June 17, 2013

Podcast mania

Since I got my new semi-smart phone, I've downloaded a great podcast program called Podcast Addict.  It allows me to download podcasts to listen to when I don't have an internet connection.  This works well for me in the car, on my drive to work.  I also have a hands-free speaker phone, so I can listen to it a bit louder and with a bit better quality.  Not great for music, but does the job for podcasts.

I started listening to the radio shows I enjoyed in America.  I'm a big fan of a few shows on NPR: This American Life, Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, and of course Car Talk.  I then discovered that TED talks also have a podcast version.  TED can be a little more difficult to select, because many of them are highly visual, and that doesn't work when you are just listening to it in your car. TED talks are all across the board; education, science, music...there truly is something for everyone.

I found the one I heard today to be very moving.  Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist, and she talks about how your 20s are not a "throw away" decade.  As someone way past my 20s, you would think it wouldn't be relevant, but it was wonderful talk, and gave me lots to think about.  I think some of it is less relevant both in the religious world, and in Israel, because people are doing the army and then have to go to school/work to move on with their lives, also here people tend to get married younger (religious reasons).

Have a look:

I'll be posting more podcasts/videos as I find them, and I'd love to hear what you think about them.

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