Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Family traditions

Every family has their own stories and traditions.  My favorite family tradition has probably reached about 25 years, so I think it is pretty solidly entrenched.

When my sister was maybe a teenager, maybe younger, my father threatened that he wanted to buy fake barf and put it in her bed so the would think her beloved cat had gotten sick there.  It took a while, but he finally found the appropriate barf, and placed it in her bed.  I'm not sure how surprised she was when she discovered it, but her logical retaliation was to place it in my father's bed.  I think he was more surprised than she ever was.  

And so, the barf started to make the rounds, everyone's bed, college dorm beds, wedding night hotel rooms... You get the idea.  One of the best was when my father placed it in my bed while I was away in college, thinking I'd be the next one sleeping there, but no--it was a friend of his who was spending the night!  

And there you have it...the family barf.  Currently residing in Israel, until the next package is shipped or the next visit...

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