Sunday, August 21, 2005

A very special Family

Since we moved here we have been adopted by a wonderful family. They have three children who are as special as they are. Since we have known them, they have donated things to the absorption center, helped a family going through a conversion process, and they both work more than full time.

With the disengagement "situation", this family has impressed me even more...

  • The daughter organized a gathering on Ben Yehuda street (downtown Jerusalem) for three days that is going under the title "Even if you support the disengagement, it still is painful." (Excuse my poor translation) They handed out flyers and sang songs together. It looks like it will be a continuting gathering.
  • Their son has been down in Atzmona (one of the settlements) taking down the greenhouses so that they can be re-assembled in their new location. There are over 200 youth working down there to help get these greenhouses assembled.
  • The couple themselves spent last Tuesday night in Nitzan helping the people who have been moved from their homes, to clean and get organized. This week I hope to join them in this task.

I wish more people would be like them...

On another note:

If you are in Israel, or know anyone who is, ask them what they are doing to help these people! There are at least four hotels in Jerusalem, a few at the Dead Sea, Ashkelon, Beer Sheva and many other places where these people are now located. It doesn't matter what you think of their politics, they are now homeless and need lots of help!

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