Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mishaneh Makom Mishaneh Mazal*

Big changes are starting September 1. I have taken a new job at the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive! My job is primarily cataloging films (in Hebrew & English). I've previously volunteered and worked there twice over the last 14 years. This time is for real. I'm excited about this opportunity to get back into my profession, even though it isn't an area that I am so interested in...I prefer computer work to cataloging.

The archive is located at Hebrew University, which is a bit of a schlep from home, but I hopefully will have a ride to work sometimes with another parent at Ariella's childcare. I also need to check into the possibility of other rides from the neighborhood.

My big girl is starting pre-K this year! Gan Hana will be her new school. I've heard very good things about it, but it isn't as close to home as her previous childcare. Also, the day only goes until 1PM, so I need to sign her up for "tzaharon" which is after care. This runs until 4 and isn't cheap (on Israeli salaries). Most of my money will be going to pay for the girl's childcare.

I hope this coming year will lead to more positive changes for us and Israel. I know I haven't written about what is happening in Gaza, and the Shomron, but I just want to say I am very heartened by the actions of my fellow Jerusalemites in regard to providing support for the people as they are moved to new locations. May they all find what they need to start a new home and a new life. Everyone knows how difficult it is to move when you make the decision yourself, but imagine if the decision has been made by someone else!

*Literally change your location, change your luck.

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Zohar said...

Good luck in your new job!
I bet Hadassah grown a lot from the last time I saw her in the Milwaukee Jewish Home. I planning to come in February, hope to see you then.