Friday, June 24, 2005

Would you rather be in America?

This question is posed often both by Israelis and Americans. Generally it is followed by "What do you miss about America?" or ""Why do you want to live in Israel?"

After being back in the US for over a week, I think I can say that I don't miss America*. I've been watching the news quite a bit, and most of what shows up on the news is inconsequential...or at least doesn't deserve the time it is given. (I'm happy the boy turned up alive in Utah, but just let him and his family go on living...) Maybe part of this is because I don't own a TV** and I don't see the news in Israel, but I think I listen to the radio enough, and I monitor the news via the Internet. I also feel the US government spends too much time discussing governing, and not enough time doing it.

Also, I've been doing "reverse calculations"...before two years in Israel, I would convert all costs to dollars to see if the price was right. Now in the US, I'm converting everything to shekels to see if I can get it cheaper at home.

There are things I miss from the US:
  • Target, and all other stores that have everything you need.
  • Space...our apartment would fit in the second floor of my parent's home.
  • Reality shows of the HGTV variety. (Design on a Dime etc...)
  • Yarn and Yarn Stores (I should have learned to knit before making aliyah!)
But the things in Israel that I love:
  • Easier access to kosher foods, and the ability to eat out without pre-planning
  • The really is a family--for better and worse, but I like talking to the people around me and feeling like there is a connection.
  • JANGLO, IsraEmploy, Tachlis (this connects to the item above)
  • Less materialism....there is some, but it just isn't on the level in the US.
  • More freedom for my children. I felt paranoid having my daughter wander a few feet away from me at Newark Airport (even though I could see her), but I wouldn't think twice about it in the US.
Now if only the financial part of living in Israel would straighten itself out, we would be good to go! I'd ask people to pray for parnassa for us, but since I don't do it myself (for me or anyone) I can't expect anyone to do it for me***.

*I wonder if I'm going to show up in Google for "Miss America"?

** Not for religious reasons, we are too cheap, and we don't have a place to put one.

***It is almost time for a post on spirituality...I'm lacking it, and could use some direction.

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Daphna said...

Better food in Israel. Though I do miss beer batter onion rings, good beef and good deli. The veggies here and overall quality of food here makes up for the stuff I "lack".