Friday, June 24, 2005

Do I stay or do I go?

This post comes under the category of "way too personal." We will see if I keep it posted.

Part I
Before heading to the US, I realized I would need to make a mikvah visit during my time in the US. It seemed kind of silly, since I wouldn't be with my spouse, and probably would end up needing to go again shortly after returning to Israel. Logically this is a question that one should present to one's posek. I contacted the Nishmat Yoatzot Halacha for guidance. They are a wonderful group, and I trust them completely. The answer I was given, was that I should go (but not on Shabbat), because theoretically, my husband could appear and "suprise me." I debated that point a bit with her, but she said I should go.

Part II
So here I am, staying with my parents, and I should be going now....I call Mikvah #1 and their voicemail is out of gives two people to call, but not for the night I need to go. I tried calling one of them, but no answer. I call Mikvah #2 and leave a message on the machine. The woman calls me back nearly 24 hours later. She says that there are fuse problems, and so she needs to check things out before I can go. I told her that it wasn't urgent that I go that night, because my husband isn't even here. She says "al pi halacha" (according to Jewish Law) you should not go to the mikvah if your husband isn't around. I told her about my conversation above, and she said she doesn't think I should go, and she would check with the Rabbi. She said she would call me back if the answer was yes.

She didn't call back. Now if she had seen me and my lack of headcovering etc.., I wouldn't be suprised, but I'm a bit bothered by the situation. On the one hand, I didn't want to go prior to talking to the Yoatzot, but on the other, I was following the psak I was given--however unrealistic.

The other key to this story is that Mikvah #2 is not Chabad, and is much more "Black" than I am. I doubt they have many people "like me" going there.

**I don't know what the etc. is, but I must have something else wrong with me.


treppenwitz said...

Yes, you could probably file this one under 'too much information', but it does raise an intersting issue. I'm referring to the issue of why this mikveh lady felt she was empowered to decide that your posek was not qualified to rule on the issue. Having never had to contend with a mikeveh lady may I respectfully ask if this is a common occurence?

PsychoToddler said...

My mother in law was the local mikveh lady for many years. From my experience, they know everything.

Daphna said...

Nishmat rules, and I do not think that they are Chabad though I do believe that they are pretty black themselves, in their own way.

Poor form by Mikvah Lady Number Two.