Saturday, January 15, 2005


So now I've been working there for almost a month and a half. I like what I'm doing, although I don't know if I ever would have chosen this.

The biggest event of the year is coming up the end of this week...we are running a TU B'Shvat Seder Megaconference for schools in North America, the UK and Israel. For about 4 days I will be working until between 10-Midnight! I don't know if my husbandwill be able to handle picking up the kids etc...
My piece in this has been
  1. Contacting the schools to enlist their participation
  2. Receiving applications and setting the timeslots (about 4 per day over 3 days)
  3. Organizing teleconferences so the participants can connect beforehand
  4. Ordering supplies (everything from paper cups to trees
Some things I enjoy, others are torture.

An example of torture was ordering dried fruit from "Shlomo." Here is how it went

Me: Hi Shlomo, we haven't received your price quote for the fruit yet.

Shlomo: How can I give you the price quote, the prices change every day..if I say too low then I will lose money, and if I say too high then it will be "gezel" (theft)

Me: Shlomo, we've worked with you before, we trust you....just write on the form that you will actually charge us the cost you pay.

Shlomo: You mean just pick a number out of the air?

Me: Yes, we trust you.

So now he is charging us 20 shekels a piece for pineapple....

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