Wednesday, December 08, 2004


The fun part about being a new immigrant mom, is that you learn all sorts of new songs. The big girl came home with EN DEN DINO this past week. Basically it is the Hebrew version of "eenie meenie miney mo".

This was better than trying to figure out why she was shouting "ink, ink" in Hebrew......later I learned that "Deeo" means giddy up.

Update: Here is a more amusing version of En Den Dino. By the way who is Yehuda Carmel?


Daphna said...

Wow! Israeli culture! I worked at a gan during Ulpan, and I learned loads from the kids...they are such a learning aid. Though they have other uses as well. :)

There are great books of Israeli children's poetry--really good stuff, very funny and good for reading practice, especially when you have a three year old correcting you every other word "Not 'X', 'Y'!"


Gershon Lehrer said...
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Gershon Lehrer said...

See my blog about En Den Dino: