Thursday, December 08, 2016

Learning new things

Well, I'm now working 30 hours a week.  Half time at my former job and 10 hours as a managing editor for the Journal.  Things are going a well, but it means I'm in my car much more...except when it gives me an error message, but that is another story...

I've started listening to podcasts more.  I have a handful that I listen to all the time, and a few new ones which I've added.  As I find interesting things to listen to, or specific episodes, I'm going to try and share them here.

Today's find was FOUND.  It is a podcast that is the companion to the website and journal of the same name. 

They had a two episode series on found to-do lists.  Here are links to the two episodes.  There is some swearing in the second one.  Enjoy!


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