Monday, March 24, 2014

The first executive decision

Women, yes it all comes down to women.  Where do they fit in a Jewish history library?  Those nice ladies hanging out at 305 were causing me some distress, you see, they don't exist in my catalog.  That is right, nowhere.  My catalog has two fields for cataloging location.  One is the call number field, which is Dewey/Scholem and the second is "Shelf  Number."  Any number can appear in the Dewey/Scholem space, but then I need to figure out where to squeeze it on the shelf.

My first questions were whether these books do really apply to Jewish History.... and yes, they do.  Female Immigrants to Israel, and the Women's right to vote  in Israel during the 1920's should be in the catalog...but where? The only other 305 book was placed with 320(9) and 330(9) which are Political Science and Economy in Eretz Yisrael.  Meh...doesn't work so well for me. So, I looked further... 301.2, 370, 200  are all hanging out together (Education, Culture, Religion in Israel).  And now, so will the ladies...hanging in KD (the shelf number).  I hope they enjoy themselves there.

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