Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The little things

I'm not an overly sentimental person....I am more of a realist, I don't wake up every morning and thank G-d that I live in Jerusalem, but sometimes events occur that make me weepy/happy to be here.

  • Before Passover there was a gathering at work, I guess in English it would be called a toast to the holiday. All the big wigs got up and said Happy Passover etc, they did a "dvar torah" (sermon) , but to end they gathering, they did a group sing along. Yes, everyone from the lowest level employee (that's me) to the head of the center sang along with a karaoke machine helping us with the words. These weren't religious songs, just very Israel connected songs (in Hebrew of course). It really has an affect on me.
  • Two weeks ago my husband was hospitalized for Appendicitis, and had to stay in the hospital from Wednesday through Sunday. For Shabbat I called up acquaintances, who were Shlichim (emmisaries) to Milwaukee and had recently returned to Israel. They told me they intentionally wanted to live near a hospital in case there were people in need, and I was in need. They invited us to stay over, and eat all meals there, despite the fact that his brother, sister-in-law and five children were also coming. Can you imagine a 4 bedroom apartment housing 5 adults and 10 children??? They were so kind, it was wonderful.
  • Another hospital many hospitals have a "mini-hotel" for families to stay in over Shabbat? The cost of it is only about $20 a night! They also have subsidized meals that you can pre-pay for on Shabbat. (Or not, if you arrive on Shabbat, nobody checks to see if you paid.)
  • This evening I heard shouts from a loudspeaker outside. There was a man selling watermellon from a truck. This is great, because if you don't have a car, it is quite difficult to schlep around watermellons. (I didn't make it in time though, because I'm home alone with the girls this evening)
Well, thats all for now, but in an attempt to actually update this blog more often, I'm going to start working on some themes.. let me know if there is anything I should cover.


PsychoToddler said...

I hope he's ok now.

Yael K said...

I'm seconding the hopes that he has made a full recovery! As for themes, I always so enjoy reading your blog that it seems to me you already have great ones. I do love to hear about your knitting group and well, everything!