Monday, November 15, 2004

Employed at last...Temporarily at least

The job search has been an ongoing battle for me. I had a decent temporary job before Ariella was born, and since then I've done some temp work from home for the Shalem Center (they really like me, too bad they don't have any appropriate positions for moms).

I've been interviewed and offered a job by my dream company, but the hours and salary weren't feasible to also be a mom.

Then I was offered a job by my favorite former workplace in Israel, but it was only part time, and financially wouldn't cover for childcare.

Well, now I have it! A full time job which is located literally a five minute WALK from my home, which pays enough to cover childcare. The only down-side, is that it is a maternity leave position. This means currently it goes from December through March. There is the potential for a permanent job opening up, but I won't know until February. The place is called the Contact Center, and I'll give more information when I know what I'm doing.